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International Horticultural Exhibition Floriade Expo 2022


Floriade is a world horticultural exhibition that takes place in the Netherlands only once a decade. It is the 7th time that the exhibition is held in the Netherlands, this time at a beautiful location in Almere. Dutch horticulture brings the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’ to life in collaboration with national and international participants at the Expo. Be amazed at the Expo by all kinds of green innovations make cities more fun, liveable and sustainable.

When you think of the word 'horticulture', what comes to mind?

It is not surprising that you would think of words such as ‘shrubs, ‘rake’ or ‘vegetable gardens’. Terms such as ‘sustainability’, ‘liveability’ and ‘a hopeful future’ probably come to mind less quickly, understandably so. The horticultural sector rarely gets the attention it deserves. A pity, because horticulture is amazing! Above all it is essential to our common future.

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Discover what you'll see at Floriade
Discover what you'll see at Floriade


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