Central Government

With respect to the government, the Floriade subscribes to the ambitions as laid out in the RRAAM Management Accord/Almere 2.0.



The Ministries of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality; Economic Affairs and Climate; Infrastructure and Water; and Foreign Affairs have all formulated a joint work agenda in which the Floriade is linked to the top sectors of Horticulture and Source Materials, Agriculture & Food, Water and Life Sciences, and the international positioning of the Netherlands as a trading nation. Furthermore, there is an intention to grant the Floriade site a distinct status, as a special zone with rules regarding tax, imports, working and residence permits and working conditions. In 2016, the Cabinet appointed a governmental commissioner for the cooperating with cities outside the Netherlands as well as the international lobby. Finally, the government has been asked to translate its interest in the success of this world horticultural exhibition into a financial contribution.


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