Flevoland Province

Floriade Expo 2022, the international horticultural exhibition, is a one-of-a-kind event and is therefore a unique opportunity to put Flevoland on the map.

In Flevoland, national and international frontrunners in their sector will show what they are proud of, to the public and to conduct business. Flevoland will have its own pavilion on the Expo showground: Food Forum. In this pavilion, the Province, municipalities, entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions will be able to show what they excel at. The Province will not only show what they are proud of, but also strengthen the (knowledge) economy by entering into partnerships with peers who are defining the challenges of the future.

The theme of ‘Feeding the City’ has been chosen for the Food Forum, with food and health as its main sub-themes. How can we provide sufficient and also good quality food for the growing world population? Whether you choose for worldwide production, or for a niche in the local market: Flevoland can show agility, resilience, sustainability and progressiveness in its pavilion. In the run-up to Floriade Expo 2022, the pavilion can be used to stimulate and support this. This visible presence can go on for the whole of the Expo (either in person or via short videos, for example), a part thereof, or even one day (e.g. a symposium). One and a half years prior to the opening of the Expo, the pavilion is already available, and it will continue to be available after the Expo, as a part of the Flevo Campus.

Together with all the partners, a programme will be developed for the six months of the Expo, both in and around the pavilion. All partners must feel that they can make use of the Food Forum to exhibit and to do business. But also, that the Floriade has offered them sufficient opportunities for receiving visitors and to do business across the entire province.


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