Urban district Hortus

Future urban district


The International Horticultural Exhibition Floriade Expo 2022 provides Almere with much more than a unique, international event. After the Expo, Floriade site will be redeveloped into Hortus: a green, healthy urban district for the future.

A sustainable urban area

After the World Horticultural Exhibition has ended, the same grid structure will be used for the urban district of Hortus. The real estate already built prior to Floriade Expo 2022 is part of this.

Houses and other neighbourhood facilities will be located on the same plots. This means that the transition from event site to city district will be as sustainable as possible: prior to the event, a skeleton of a city district will be laid out, which will then last for more than a hundred years.

Hortus will be a very green urban district by de application of this allotment. In fact, all roads within the district will border on the green areas of the arboretum. The houses will be built behind these green areas. So no matter which street you stand on, the first thing you see is green vegetation. Buildings are obscured by greenery. In this way, green really takes centre stage in this neighbourhood.


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