Floriade Almere 2022 B.V. joined forces with the co-organisers of Floriade Expo 2022 – the NTR, the municipality of Almere, the province of Flevoland and the Dutch government – with one common goal: finding┬ásystemic innovations and solutions for sustainable, liveable cities. How we aim to do so? By bringing various groups together from around the globe. They will present their best innovative ideas and best practices from horticulture and beyond at Floriade Expo 2022.

Chief Contracting Party

Floriade Almere 2022 B.V.

Floriade Almere 2022 B.V. organises the world horticultural exhibition Floriade Expo 2022 together with co-organisers, partners, participants and stakeholders from the Netherlands and other countries around the world. With the theme Growing Green Cities, Floriade Expo 2022 focuses on making cities more fun, liveable and healthy. Together we aim to let visitors enjoy the greenery at the Expo and we want to show them how cities can be made more sustainable.


Central Government

In respect to the government, the Floriade subscribes to the ambitions as laid out in the RRAAM Management Accord/Almere 2.0. The Ministries of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality; Economic Affairs and Climate; Infrastructure and Water; and Foreign Affairs have all formulated a joint work agenda in which the Floriade is linked to the top sectors of Horticulture and Source Materials, Agriculture & Food, Water and Life Sciences, and the international positioning of the Netherlands as a trading nation.

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