Central Government

With respect to the government, the Floriade subscribes to the ambitions as laid out in the RRAAM Management Accord/Almere 2.0.


The Ministries of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality; Economic Affairs and Climate; Infrastructure and Water; and Foreign Affairs have all formulated a joint work agenda in which the Floriade is linked to the top sectors of Horticulture and Source Materials, Agriculture & Food, Water and Life Sciences, and the international positioning of the Netherlands as a trading nation. This is reflected in Floriade’s innovative projects such as the Dutch Innovation Experience, Agroforestry and the knowledge program with the following activities: Floriade Dialogues, Floriade Innovation Partner Programme, Floriade Trade Missions & Export knowledge platform and Floriade International Research Programme.

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Infrastructure & Water Management

The widening of the A6, commissioned by the RWS is a part of the Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere (SAA) road-widening works. The renovated A6 was completed in 2019, one year earlier than planned. The widened A6 provides for its own energy needs and is therefore energy neutral. Apart from the widening of the A6, the A6 project also includes the performance of the landscape plan up to Weerwater Zuidoever. The Municipality of Almere and the RWS have signed a cooperation contract containing agreements regarding this plan.

Central Government Real Estate Agency

A large part of the Floriade showground was in the ownership of the Central Government Real Estate Agency (RVB). This concerned approximately 24 hectares, of which a large portion is water (approximately 10 hectares). In January 2019 the transfer of ownership from the RVB to the Municipality took place.

Central Goverment



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