The Municipality of Almere



The municipality of Almere is the host and co-organiser of Floriade Expo 2022. Here you can see how a city can become increasingly greener and healthier.

Becoming the green and healthy city of the future

The Almere Centrum train station will be given an accelerated sustainable make-over for the Expo, the station area will become a green oasis, the other squares in the centre area will be made greener and more attractive and the recreational Rondje Weerwater will be improved. The arrival of the new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Weerwater, the construction of the circular bridges, the widening of the A6 motorway and the renovation of bus station ‘t Oor are also good examples of green developments in Almere

Local residents also contribute to their green and healthy city with countless initiatives. In appreciation of their efforts, hundreds of juniors and adults have already received a green pin or green medal. Floriade Expo 2022 also makes an important contribution to Almere’s regional economy. Thanks to Floriade Expo 2022, 350 Almere residents will eventually find work.

A new green city district

After the world horticultural exhibition the new green city district Hortus will rise at Floriade-park. The layout of the site already takes this into account. The special library of trees and plants (arboretum) will grow into a botanical garden and form a new tourist attraction for Almere.

Floriade Employment Agency

The Floriade Employment Agency helps those who are distant form the labour market to leave the registers of the Municipality and UWV, and to sustainably re-enter the world of work. It is an innovative concept involving a public-private partnership between Floriade Almere 2022 B.V., the Municipality of Almere and Randstad. The foundation for the project is SROI (Social Return on Investment) agreements with all the Floriade’s investors and contractors.

Partners Almere Centre

In 2015, Ondernemersvereniging Stadscentrum Almere (OVSA/Almere Centre Entrepreneurs Association), estate agents, Almere Centre Platform, Windesheim and Aeres Secondary School, cultural institutions, Almere City Marketing and the Municipality of Almere signed a covenant regarding the relationship between the Floriade and the city centre. It covers, among other things, the development of the area around the station, the ‘Green Carpet’, an activity programme and the expenditure of marketing budgets. The Centre partners, Floriade Almere 2022 B.V. and the Municipality of Almere are working together to develop these plans further.

Amvest Vastgoed BV and Dura Vermeer

The Municipality of Almere and Amvest Vastgoed BV set their signatures under the Floriade Development Contract in December of 2018. With it, the Municipality has harnessed a significant engine for developing the Expo showground and the Floriade city neighbourhood, which has been christened as ‘Hortus’ by Amvest. It is a remarkable area development because the civil engineering works (which began in 2019) will take existing trees into account. Together, these trees will be one of the most significant calling cards of the Floriade: the Green City Arboretum. That is complex and partly for that reason Amvest will be working with a partner that has a great deal of experience doing this: Dura Vermeer.

The Municipality of Almere



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