Almeerse Wind

Supporter of Floriade Expo 2022


Almeerse Wind supplies the Floriade Park with all its fossil-free electricity. The citizens of Almere, united in the local energy cooperative Almeerse Wind, produce all the CO2-free electricity they need by means of two wind turbines. This local production is helping to reduce the burden on the national grid. The profits are reinvested sustainably in the city every year.

Local for local: Windpower!

Almeerse Wind is a local energy cooperative that anyone can join. With their own wind turbines in the area of Almere-Pampus, the members produce their own green electricity. By producing local electricity, Almere Wind aims to make the area greener and reduce its dependence on other energy producers and suppliers at home and abroad. Almeerse Wind supplies the greenest electricity in the Netherlands. Together, we can create a clean future for our children and grandchildren.

” In essence, Almeerse Wind is an instrument for getting the idea of sustainability into the minds of as many people in the city of Almere as possible. To achieve this, we have our own means of production, we are accessible to everyone, everyone is equal with one vote in the General Assembly, and we use our profits to reinvest them locally in a sustainable way. In this way, we are fuelling the energy transition from the bottom up. That is a message we would like to share with visitors to Floriade. Not just for the people of Almere, but also to inspire visitors from elsewhere to follow our example and take the initiative in making their own living environment more sustainable. ”

– John van Diepen, Chairman, Almeerse Wind

Supporter of Floriade


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