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Want to manage waste flows more intelligently? Circulair Afvalmanagement Phoenix [circular waste management], CAPH for short, helps companies, institutions and municipalities, including Floriade Expo 2022 accelerate their sustainability and circularity.

Get a grip on waste flows

CAPH was founded to help companies, institutions and municipalities get a grip on their waste flows, their transport and processing costs. With its ample experience in waste, recycling and secondary raw materials at major organisations, the company knows a lot can be achieved to work as sustainably and circularly as possible and that this often occasions considerable cost savings. Even when the market fluctuates – think of the Covid-19 pandemic for example – major savings can sometimes be achieved. CAPH is not associated with or dependent on a single collector or processor of waste and secondary raw materials. This makes the company objective when looking for and finding the best solutions.

“We are super enthusiastic about Floriade’s theme: ‘Growing Green Cities’. Future living with all its opportunities and challenges appeals to us in particular. The major cities face many challenges when it comes to logistics, waste and secondary raw materials. Precisely our core activities: preventing and reducing waste, creating secondary raw materials and ensuring their smart collection. We are proud of being permitted to implement Floriade’s waste and raw materials management so we can show visitors everything that can be done.”

Bert-Jan van der Woude, DGA Circular Waste Director, CAPH

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