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EuroParcs has two main pillars for its green ambitions: the development of entirely sustainable holiday homes and the planological creation and laying out of the sustainable holiday parks of the future. These ambitions align well with Floriade Expo 2022. The Floriade park provides the opportunity to experience what living in a green city would be like and naturally that includes sustainable holidays.

Sustainable holiday

At the Expo, EuroParcs will provide a taster for the general public of what such sustainable holiday accommodation might look like using two carbon-neutral homes which employ the latest technologies that suit Floriade’s theme: ‘Growing Green Cities’. From the cleanest building materials to eco-friendly cleaning; every aspect of a future sustainable holiday home is already being fully developed by EuroParcs.

Green holiday parks of the future

EuroParcs’ Andries Bruil wants to develop holiday homes with the lowest CO2 and nitrogen footprint. “Naturally, we accept our corporate social responsibility. We want to be the biggest and the best, and that also entails using increasingly sustainable construction at new parks as well as providing green recreation.”

It remains a surprise which innovations EuroParcs will exhibit at Floriade Expo 2022, but Giel Hendrikx, the EuroParcs Group’s innovation manager, gives us a hint: “It will definitely be truly innovative and groundbreaking”.

Floriade Premium Partner

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