Floriade Expo 2022 Partner


Heras Mobile believes that a safe working and living environment with an eye for the future is a crucial part of a care-free life. Its temporary security solutions contribute to this in as sustainable a manner as possible that is also in line with Floriade Expo 2022.

Sustainable construction fencing

Heras Mobile looks beyond the boundaries of temporary perimeter security and works in a sustainable, fair manner for humans and the ecosystem, for current and future generations. In this way, Heras Mobile operates within the limits of climate and the environment. The Combi-Wood and City-Wood sustainable construction fencing introduced in 2020 are examples of this. These fences combine the advantages of our well-known steel fences with the use of sustainable materials and a social impact on aspects including social return on investment or SROI, circularity, greening and nuisance abatement.

“Heras Mobile increasingly collaborates with sustainable partners and motivates others to exhibit corporate social responsibility. As a proud Floriade Expo 2022 partner we will show the general public our sustainable construction fencing, Combi-Wood and City-Wood. Construction fences made by people re-integrating into the labour market, using sustainable, fair trade timber. This aligns our products perfectly with the theme: ‘Growing Green Cities’.”

Hans Welting, Managing Director, Heras Mobile

Floriade Partner

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