Floriade Expo 2022 Supporter


Hypsos is an international manufacturing company of Dutch origin. The company’s head office is situated near the Floriade site in Almere. Hypsos will help create events, experiences, exhibitions, pavilions and world-class museums for Floriade Expo 2022.

High-quality professionalism

Hypsos has all it takes to have projects come off without a hitch. Hypsos’ productions are high quality and the company has plenty of experience in the field of project management. This means you can trust Hypsos – as your main contractor – to successfully deliver everything. At Floriade Expo 2022, Hypsos will provide  support by creating country pavilions and experiences. High-end professionalism and the smart use of environmentally-friendly materials are the principal points of departure for all Hypsos’ projects and that makes it possible to create impressive, sustainable, interactive projects that Floriade will be able to enjoy.

“We excel at creating world-class experiences that pay attention to sustainable entrepreneurship. Our projects such as pavilions, exhibitions, brand experiences and presentations target economic success, yet take the ecological preconditions for healthy nature for future generations into account. Hypsos’ focus will be on new, improved waste separation methods, energy consumption, fuel management, materials purchasing, possible material reuse  and working conditions. As Floriade Expo 2022’s partner, Hypsos will create the pavilions and exhibitions in an environmentally-friendly manner.”

Floriade Supporter

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