AGF product assessments at Floriade are in high demand

The prizes for the first six assessments will be presented on Wednesday 20 July in the auditorium at The Green House.

Thursday, 2nd of June is already the third AGF product assessment of in The Green House at Floriade. This time it is the turn of the tomato, one of the most important and versatile vegetables. In the assessment, an expert jury will judge the extensive selection of shapes, colors, flavors and uses.

Unique is the way in which visitors can participate. Especially when tasting presented types and varieties, it turns out, that there are more differences than you would expect at first glance. The judgement of the jury and the visitors determines the outcome of the assessment.

The Green House

The prizes for the first six judgments will be awarded on Wednesday, 20th of July in the auditorium at The Green House. On previous occasions, the overwhelming interest of consumers in the products on display and the enthusiasm for participation surprised. The opportunity to sample a variety of vegetables drew many visitors to the special Grower’s Kitchen at The Green House. Every day, volunteers provide a constant supply of cut vegetables and fruits, which gives visitors an impression of the variety that Dutch horticulture offer.

Visitors were able to make a judgment on Thursday, 2nd of June, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cauliflower is the next crop to be featured on Thursday, 16th of June, with all kinds of varieties. During Floriade Expo 2022 there is a new group receiving special attention every week, culminating in the ten assessments.

The many products of horticulture

The AGF Product Reviews will feature a series of ten products. After lettuce, the paprika and tomato, follow cauliflower, strawberry, pineapple, melon, cabbage, mushrooms, and apple/pear. Breeders, growers, and trading houses supply the products, of which the consumer often has no idea that there is so much variety. After all, not everything that Dutch horticulture produces goes to the greengrocer or supermarket. Some is destined for export or finds its way to the hospitality industry. The Green House at Floriade is an excellent opportunity for consumers to become acquainted with what horticulture has to offer and for horticulture to present itself to consumers. The product reviews are made possible by the support of Hagelunie/Interpolis.

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