28 April 2021

Airpot used for temporary storage of trees

This week, Innovation Friday is all about the two pop-up tree nurseries on the Floriade site, where trees have been temporarily potted using an airpot technique. An airpot has been specially developed to allow trees to grow out of the open ground temporarily above the ground. This allows the planting season to be extended.

Next year, visitors will see trees with origins from all over the world at Floriade. However, due to various logistical challenges, some of them are not yet in place within the alphabetically ordered arboretum. This arboretum forms the green structure of Floriade Expo 2022 and of the Hortus district, which will arise on the site. To keep the trees in good condition, it was decided to pot them up. This requires a certain amount of expertise, which means that, in collaboration with the Municipality of Almere, the company Zoontjens Boomprojecten has been called in for the construction of two pop-up tree nurseries.


A total of 550 trees have been potted on the site in these pop-up tree nurseries. Air pots have been used to pot up the trees. This system ensures root improvement of the trees. Ultimately, this leads to a rapid regrowth of roots in the foreseeable future. In these airpots, the special potting soil, good aeration and fully automatic irrigation system ensure optimal root development, growth and thus the condition of the trees. Zoontjens Boomprojecten carried out the entire project together with nursery Boom B.V.


In addition to being an innovative solution, these air pots are also particularly sustainable. They consist entirely of recycled plastic and are reused. In addition, the ground cloth on which the trees are placed is broken down naturally.

Trees in arboretum

Curious which trees can be seen in the arboretum? Recently, black pines, poplars, chestnut trees and Japanese cedar trees have been planted. Read more about it in the article ‘arboretum enriched with trees’.