ASEAN delegation visits Floriade

On June 8, an ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) delegation visited the Floriade site at the initiative of the embassy of Vietnam. The delegation consisted of 15 delegates from the Republic of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.

They were welcomed by Hans Bakker, CEO Floriade Expo 2022, Annemieke van Schaik, Senior Director International Participants and Xander de Bruine, Director Floriade Dialogues & Knowledge Programme. They were given a guided tour of the park and landscape architect Niek Roozen gave detailed information about the Floriade plot structure and the arboretum.

Indonesia and Thailand are both already participants and the other countries wanted to be informed about the Expo and the possibilities of participation.

ASEAN is an organisation of 10 countries from Southeast Asia, founded in 1967 and committed to peace and stability in the region. Thanks to the great economic weight of the member countries, ASEAN is an important partner for other organisations.