15 February 2021

Cable car peak reached in Floriade winter landscape

View the unique drone footage


After a few days of sub-zero temperatures the most part of the Dutch people welcomed the opportunity to don their skates and were gripped by ice skating fever.  Meanwhile, a milestone was reached at the Floriade site. In freezing conditions cable car builders from the Austrian corporation Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group installed the two highest posts of the 850 meters long ropeway. Accustomed to installing ropeways in ski areas there was however no doubt they would succeed.

From the highest point of the cable car which is nearly 35 meters high, visitors will have a view of the entire park, including the city’s unique skyline: a beautiful view. In the drone video shown below you’ll see unique winter scenery images of Floriade. Scenes visitors will not experience in 2022, since the park opens in April and closes October. During this period they will be able to enjoy the green scenery to the fullest. Floriade park was covered in ice and snow just like the rest of the Netherlands. Which was both wonderful to behold and also prevented the frost from entering deep into the ground: favourable conditions to proceed with the planting, with the end of the planting season quickly approaching.

Next up is the installation of the two cable car stations, including the unique ‘water station’ that is being built in the lake Weerwater. Curious what it will look like? Follow our updates on Floriade.com, our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter.