Floriade celebrates National Day of Cyprus on July 11th

Monday 11 July is the National Day of Cyprus at Floriade. Cyprus is participating in Floriade for the first time and invites all visitors to get acquainted with ‘Cyprus. The green line. An eco-friendly life in the city’. Cyprus shows how a barren city can blossom into a park that gives life to the city with the help of native plants. The design of the garden stems from the circular shape of the city of Nicosia and the presence of “The green line” that divides the city and the country in two.

The green line

Cyprus is the only country in Europe that is divided into two parts, separated by a buffer zone. The buffer zone is known as “The green line”, “a dead”, lifeless zone that crosses the cities. “The Green Line”, born of conflicts between people, is a green zone at Floriade with native plants, such as Pistacialentiscus – the evergreen Mastic tree and Vitex agnus castus – Monk’s pepper. The design of this circular area extends to the urban fabric of the city without the presence of greenery. The wooden bench in the garden is made from the trunks of burned trees from the forest fires in Cyprus.

Cyprus Garden

The Cyprus Garden shows how you can realize a garden at low cost with co-design, co-creation and co-implementation. Professor Julia Nerantzia Tzortzi at Politecnico di Milano and visiting professor of Neapolis University and Cristina Musacchio, Visiting professor of Neapolis University, together with students of the Master of Landscape Architecture from Neapolis University, designed the garden and realised it at Floriade in ten days. They were supported by the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Prof. Costas Kadis, the Mayor of Nicosia Constantinos Giorkadjis, the Floriade organization and the Italian nursery Piante Marconi. The Cypriot Garden is located on Lot No. 51, in a small triangle, bordered by water, located in the Urban District behind the International Pavilions.

National Day Cyprus

Monday 11 July is the National Day of Cyprus at Floriade. In addition to the standard ceremony of the flag and the national anthem, a dance performance and a concert by Marianna Siamisii (flute), Stavros Kampouroglou (violin) and Andreas Nicolaou (piano) are on the program.