Satoyama Farm Garden Japan

Floriade Expo 2022 opens with 33 international participants

In the theme of Growing Green Cities, national and international participants will present innovations and green solutions at Floriade Expo 2022 that make our cities more fun, sustainable and liveable. In collaboration with ‘De Nederlandse Tuinbouwraad’ (NTR), Floriade asks experts from all around the world to present their best practices for a green and sustainable future. Floriade is expecting to welcome 33 participating countries.

International participants

Floriade welcomes over 400 national and international participants. From the countries expected to participate the majority have already confirmed, others are finalising their submission to Floriade and with some countries Floriade is still in talks.
Among the countries which have already confirmed are: Belgium, Benin, Bolivia, China, Comoros, DR Congo, Germany, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Italy, India, Japan, Yemen, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Nepal, Sudan, Suriname, Thailand, Chad, Turkey, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and South Korea.

Final talks are being held with a number of countries. It is expected that seven more participating countries will follow from these conversations. Bhutan, Indonesia and Russia will not participate to the Expo.

Construction of pavilions

China, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Thailand, Qatar and United Arab Emirates are making a lot of progress with the constructions of their pavilions.

In the last couple of weeks the lot transfers of Belgium, India, Luxembourg, Nepal, Thailand and Turkey took place. Belgium, Italy and Nepal will start building their pavilion this week.

First pavilion

The construction of the Sayotama Farm Garden from Japan is complete. The Japanese pavilion is the first international submission to be completed and others will soon follow. The garden is being laid out and a start has now been made on furnishing the pavilion. Visitors will soon discover that the themes of Satoyama are closely related to the main theme “Growing Green Cities”.

The Expo brings together nations, international companies, non-governmental organisations and two million (inter)national visitors. To develop structural innovative, green solutions for sustainable and liveable cities, unities between cultures, countries and regions are essential. By uniting, cooperating and entering into new partnerships, we come to these solutions essential to make cities more liveable and sustainable.

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