Floriade Expo 2022 presented the urgency of a showcase for a green city of the future

In an ever-changing world Almere showed exceptional foresight by choosing an urgent theme for Floriade Expo 2022 ten years ago: Growing Green Cities. A World Horticultural Exhibition with a splendid theme. That makes Floriade particularly relevant in the year 2022. Today, October 9th, the last visitors enjoyed the beautiful park. The public exit reviews have shown a high appreciation for the park, giving Floriade a mighty 8 out of 10. Floriade welcomed 685,189 visitors.

Floriade Expo 2022 was characterised by its huge wealth of flowers and plants but was also all about other ways of appreciating ‘green’, such as the actual ecosystems of trees and plants. Floriade was especially unique with its Arboretum of 3,000 trees which will remain part of the urban district ‘Hortus’.

As founders, the Dutch Horticultural Council, Municipality of Almere, Province of Flevoland and the State joined forces for one common goal: to bring together structural innovations and solutions for sustainable and liveable green cities in this Expo, and they succeeded. “Floriade not only contributes to the economic value for Almere, Flevoland and the Netherlands, but especially to raising awareness of the importance of a healthy living and working environment. Thousands of inspirations, which visitors took away, make this Floriade a source of knowledge for the future. With Growing Green Cities, Floriade has shown perspective for a sustainable and liveable future!”, said Hans Bakker, CEO Floriade Expo 2022.


Floriade welcomed many international visitors from 96 countries. Behind our own country, the main countries of origin of visitors were Germany and the United States. Enthusiasts and high and medium interested people visited the Expo once or several times. The general public visited Floriade on a limited basis. Surveys show that people prioritised other pursuits after the COVID lockdowns. Extremely high inflation also limited the number of visitors.

Floriade in figures

With an extensive arts programme, Flevoland presented itself to the world and the world to Flevoland. More than 1,000 different performances in many variations were given on the various stages. In The Green House, the horticultural sector showed ultra-modern innovations. These included sustainable and circular cultivation with the application of vertical farming and the use of drones. During the 37 product competitions, growers competed weekly with the best fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants. During more than 1,500 professional events, thousands of professionals were inspired to exchange knowledge to create attractive, safe and healthy cities in the future. From basic examples of sustainable horticulture, as well as other sustainability innovations, the ‘seeds’ have been sown far and wide and planted across the whole world through a continually growing network of no less than 4,000 experts. This green future requires young talent. Through the Floriade Academy, more than 1,750 students have been able to participate in all kinds of Floriade projects. Despite setbacks due to COVID, an Expo-worthy Floriade was created in which 32 countries and 40 national participants were involved.

Floriade showed that living in a green city, is the good life.