Floriade Expo 2022’s new partner Ondernemersvereniging Stadscentrum Almere

Today, the 12th of November 2020, Martin Ort, Olivier Sabbé and Olav van der Linden director, chairman and treasurer respectively of the Ondernemersvereniging Stadscentrum Almere (OVSA) [ Almere city centre business association] and Floriade director Pieter Cloo signed a partnership agreement.

Floriade will create new opportunities for cooperation with the city’s business community. The association looks after the latter’s interests in Almere’s city centre.
The recently ratified partnership originated from the desire to create a physical link between the city centre and the Expo. The parties wish to connect visiting the city centre to Floriade Preview.

This summer a boat trip to Floriade Preview created an active connection between the city centre and the Floriade. Visitors departed from the renovated Esplanade to Floriade Preview for a taster of the 2022 Expo. The boat link was provided by Almere Rondvaarten.

“We hope Floriade Expo 2022 takes this signing as an opportunity to show the entire city a major sponsor has been brought on board. The city centre entrepreneurs are very supportive of Floriade and can’t wait to enter into a far-reaching concrete cooperation. If it is up to me, this partnership will only be the start of everything we want to achieve together until late 2022,” said Martin Ort, Director of the OVSA.

“We are very happy that our first major partner is such a great company from Almere. This partnership underlines OVSA confidence in Floriade. Thanks to the cooperation, a boat connection was immediately created which makes Floriade Preview easily accessible for many of Almere’s inhabitants,” explained Pieter Cloo, Floriade Expo 2022’s director.