Garden of Peace Almere and Floriade Expo 2022 sign letter of intent

Sven Stimac, Chief Operations Officer of Floriade Expo 2022 and Alaeddine Touhami, founder of Garden of Peace Almere, signed a letter of intent at lot 58 on the Floriade site.

‘The main theme of Floriade Expo 2022 concerns the most important question people all over the world propose: How will the future generations live in peace and harmony with each other and nature? In our view, a sustainable and environmental friendly city can only be built on the basis of a common and shared vision and purpose. We believe that ‘the Culture of Peace’ can play a unifying role inbuilding inclusive societies’, says Alaeddine Touhami. During the Expo visitors will explore best practises regarding education, architecture and the economy of nature in the Garden of Peace.

Building a green sustainable and liveable city where people with diverse backgrounds and cultures live together is the vision of Garden of Peace. This coincides with the theme of Floriade: Growing Green Cities. Quite fittingly this initiative was founded in Almere, a city with 144 nationalities and 190 ethnicities. In addition the initiative emits international appeal due to its association with its international parent organisation AISA NGO. ‘We believe this partnership offers many possibilities’, says Sven Stimac.

Garden of Peace

The Garden of Peace was founded in the city of Almere. It was inspired by the International Day of Living Together in Peace held on May 16, declared by The UN General-Assembly. It connects people from diverse backgrounds who work together to practice their view of the culture of peace. It tries to be a breeding ground for the inclusive, peaceful and sustainable societies of tomorrow. The Garden of Peace has, among other things, taken the initiative for a general special primary school in Almere with a pedagogical concept that translates the Culture of Peace and the sustainable goals (SDGs) of the United Nations into education and upbringing.