Heleen Valstar arranger for the 'Experiential Greenhouse'

Heleen Valstar has been chosen as chief arranger for the ‘Experiential Greenhouse’ in the greenhouse complex at Floriade Expo 2022. She will be responsible for the design with the theme ‘GREEN LOVE’, the organisation, direction, implementation and realisation of this part of the greenhouse. Heleen Valstar will work together closely with the Floriade Horticultural Team and the Floriade participants.

Unforgettable experience

The ‘Experiential Greenhouse’ will be part of The Green House at the Expo and it will become a titillating meeting place for business and consumer visits. “My ambition is to create an experience in the greenhouse that is wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, educational and interactive. Visitors will be surprised by knowledge, ideas and activities. When visitors enter the greenhouse, it feels like another world, where you feel healthy and happy, like being on vacation. The greenhouse will be an unforgettable experience for the visitors of Floriade Expo 2022”, says Heleen Valstar.

“Horticulture in the Netherlands is very diverse with all kinds of beautiful and healthy products. At Floriade we want to show which impact these products have in people’s daily lives. We are confident that the Experiential Greenhouse will become a must-see for all visitors thanks to the creative interpretation of Heleen Valstar. The companies in the horticultural sector are involved in the development of the greenhouse and they are encouraged to participate to create a concept that optimally fits in with Floriade’s Growing Green Cities theme,” says Marco van Zijverden, chairman of the Floriade Expo Flowers and Plants Advisory Council 2022.

Inspirational program

The creative ideas for the balcony and terrace plants at the outdoor entrance, the reception area, the show area with permanent and changing shows and the stage of the ‘Experiential Greenhouse’ are all provided by Heleen Valstar. In the show area, visitors can be inspired by, among other things, tastings and presentations from companies. These changing shows form the foundation for the competitions and presentations which will be organised during the Expo. The stage presents a broad program of events that inspire and challenge visitors to participate, such as flower design competitions and workshops. For the business market, it is a perfect place for organizing various meetings and welcoming guests.

The Green House

The Green House will be given a prominent place at the entrance to Floriade and it will be one of the major crowd pullers at the International Horticultural Exhibition. Here visitors are introduced to the world of horticulture and they will experience the social impact of horticulture. The Green House is 10,000 m2 in size and 170 m long and it is divided into five parts: the Reception, a High-tech Greenhouse, the Experiential Greenhouse, a Technology Innovation Center and a Greenhouse Restaurant. It is expected that the construction and installation of The Green House will take approximately 8 months. The furnishing will start from February 2022 on.