Irene Schouten onthult Floriade-coincard

Irene Schouten reveals coin card with Dutch euro coins in honour of Floriade Expo 2022

Olympic champion ice skating Irene Schouten today revealed the Royal Dutch Mint coin card of Floriade Expo 2022. The specially designed coin card contains two Dutch 20 eurocents and one 2 euro cent, altogether forming the year 2022. With the revealing the upcoming opening of Floriade was celebrated. The main theme of the expo is ‘Growing Green Cities’ and fittingly a share of the proceeds from the coin card will be donated to plant a new forest.

After the revealing Schouten symbolically planted the first tree of the forest. Floriade brings the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’ to life, by which the expo calls attention to the greening of cities. Schouten comes from a family of tulip growers which makes her no stranger to the horticultural sector.: “As a person born into a family of proud tulip growers to me it is a beautiful act by which Floriade calls attention to this important sector, certainly in the matter of sustainability. This makes the coin card a crowning achievement. Moreover it is extremely wonderful that a share of the proceeds will be donated to plant a new forest.”


The Floriade coin card is centred around the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’. It contains two Dutch 20 eurocents and one 2 euro cent from this year, emphasising the year 2022 wherein Floriade in Almere is held. A share of the proceeds from the coin card will be donated to plant a new forest. The coin card is available for purchase on the website of Royal Dutch Mint.

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Coincard Floriade - Irene Schouten - Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt
Irene Schouten reveals coin card in honour of Floriade Expo 2022 Left: Yoël Schuller, chief governance officer Floriade Expo 2022 - Right: Bert van Ravenswaaij, mint master Royal Dutch Mint
Boom plant Irene Schouten
Irene Schouten plants tree in honour of Floriade Expo 2022

About Royal Dutch Mint

Since 1567 the Royal Dutch Mint is the producer of Dutch cash coins. It is an innovative, global organisation in currency products rooted in more than 450 years tradition. Innovations in recent years include laser and 3D-techniques to coins which make it possible to apply for example holographic elements or authentic features. Globally the Royal Dutch Mint ranks in the top 5 of producers of circular coins, commemorative coins, Royal rewards and collectors’ items. Since 2022 the company is established in ‘The Dutch Vault’ in the city of Houten.

Floriade Expo 2022

Floriade is an International Horticultural Exhibition that takes place in the Netherlands only once a decade. This year it will be held at a beautiful location in Almere from 14 April up and until 9 October 2022 fully focused on trees, flowers, plants, vegetables, fruits and green innovations which all fit the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’.
According to statistics from the UN, by 2050, some 68% of the global population will live in cities on a mere 2% of the earth’s surface area. The great question is how we will be able to maintain our growing cities green and healthy in the future. The Dutch horticultural sector alongside national and international participants will showcase their latest green innovations, solutions and applications. From state-of-the-art solar roof tiles to amazing vertical façade gardens and from the best ways to grow tomatoes to the latest pruning techniques. And an urban cable car for public transportation. Floriade will portray a hopeful future.

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