Mediterranean greenery for the urban area

While nature is gradually taking on its autumn colours we look back to a warm and dry summer. In recent months we have experienced that our urban area does not have our traditional maritime climate, but rather a continental climate. Which means: hotter and drier than in the countryside. What does that mean for nature in our cities?

Trees that flourish in our urban areas are more likely to withstand heat and drought. They often come from South-Eastern Europe and allow more and more insects to come our way entirely in their own. By planting varied trees we provide these insects with food throughout the year and spread the risk of infestation. In our Green City Arboretum at Floriade we have trees that grow well in more extreme weather conditions. These are trees such as the Fagus orientalis and Celtis sinensis from Van den Berk Nurseries.

Also further on in the park you will find plants that we can put to good use in the green city of the future. For example, we have various types of trees and plants from tree nursery Piante Marconi from Italy in the park which fit well with this. Look at the fig tree, holm oak, rosemary and lavender. Also nice to try yourself in your own garden or places where you can plant green!