National day of Italy at Floriade with drone show, exhibition and lectures

At Floriade we celebrate the national day of Italy on the 8th of July. At noon everyone is welcome to come to the Main stage for speeches, the flag ceremony and national anthem. At Italy’s pavilion there is a photo exhibition: Earth observation and satellite views by e-Geos.

There will also be a live drone demonstration by Prof. Salua Hamzza, TU Delft and at 3 p.m. there are 2 lectures: The presence and meaning of flowers in Dante’s Divine Comedy “The singing and culling flower from flower” by Prof. Gandolfo Cascio, Utrecht University and The horticultural sector in Italy and the Netherlands: a long friendship by Mr. Charles Lansdorp.

Italy is present with a sample of its horticultural variety in the Italian Pavilion, entitled “Future Roots”: an area of 1000 sqm that tells about the cultural traditions and modern vision of the Belpaese in which architecture and landscape are integrated to improve the cities of the future, from an aesthetic and functional point of view, increasing resilience and ecological value.

Italian floriculture is made up of over 13,500 manufacturing companies, with a gross annual production that reached 2.8 billion euros in 2021, including flowers and pot plants, fruit trees and bulbs, cut foliage, aromatic plants. Italy is confirmed as one of the main exporters of horticultural products, with a production value of exports that exceeded 1.1 billion euros in 2021, equal to 4.8% of world exports. EU countries are the main importers of Italian products: France, Germany and the Netherlands count alone for almost 60% of the Italian export.

The Italian Garden and Pavilion in Floriade 2022 therefore represent an evocative international showcase and an important promotional tool for the Italian horticultural sector, which will attract operators, tourists, and international guests during the six months of opening.

Located among the numerous national pavilions, the Italian Garden, designed by Studio Silvia and Studio Bargone, aims to inspire with references to the typical crops of olive groves and lemon pergolas, the shapes of the Italian and Mediterranean gardens, and dry-stone walls, combining traditional techniques with modern technological solutions such as bioclimatic greenhouse, that allows to cultivate vegetable gardens in the city, green systems for insulation and cooling. All the techniques and materials used are characterized by their environmental sustainability and integral recyclability, including the wooden pavilion with its high energy saving performance and efficient control of rainwater, a virtuous example of how it is possible to qualify the landscape and make our cities more pleasant in a natural way.

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