29 April 2021

New bee pavilion 'Alvarium' at Floriade

The first steps have been taken in the realisation of a bee pavilion at Floriade. On Friday 23 April, the name of the future pavilion was revealed: Alvarium. This is the Latin word for “beehive”.

Life-size beehive full of innovations

During the Expo, visitors can discover the latest innovations in the field of pollinating insects, and bees in particular, in the bee pavilion. Biodiversity, science and technology are combined here, with sustainable beekeeping as the basic principle. The pavilion will consist of a life-size beehive on stilts and it is located next to the ‘Oerbos’, a forest with native trees, on the Floriade site.

Bee and butterfly highway

The Expo’s boulevard is also home to bees. A ‘highway’ of no less than 3 kilometres long with greenery such as roses and hydrangeas that attract bees, butterflies  and other pollinating insects will be laid out here.