Product competitions at Floriade Expo 2022 Amsterdam - Almere

Will your flower or plant win an award on an international stage?


On Thursday 14 April International horticultural exhibition Floriade Expo 2022 Amsterdam – Almere opens its doors for six months. In the ultramodern glasshouse ‘The Green House’ the Dutch horticultural sector will let visitors see, smell and taste the impact that horticulture has on everyday life. As a grower, there are various opportunities to participate in product competitions and novelty presentations in this greenhouse complex.


Every 10 years Floriade takes place in the Netherlands, offering horticulture the stage it deserves. As in previous editions, the organisers of Floriade Expo 2022, on behalf of Royal FloraHolland, are offering growers an international stage to present their product(s), and in the process the chance to win an award – during one of the 13 product competitions that will take place in ‘The Green House’. Don’t miss out and sign up!

 The Green House

The Green House complex is a real eye-catcher. With a surface area of no less than 1 hectare and a length of 170 metres, the greenhouse is the largest building at the Expo. The Green House stands at a prominent spot near the entrance and is one of the major attractions. The size of the building is not the only thing that impresses. The design is also striking, inspired by the impressive Crystal Palace, which was built in London in 1851. Different types of glass and mirrors have been used in the greenhouse. This creates surprising effects and a remarkable lighting effects.

A total of thirteen competition days will take place at The Green House, divided into 40 crop groups. As a grower, there are various opportunities to participate in the product competitions and novelty presentations organized by Royal FloraHolland. Growers of flowers and plants can exhibit their best products in one of the crop groups and have them reviewed by a professional jury specially appointed for this purpose. The jury consists of members from the production field as well as from marketing and trade. There will also be public jury.

Photo Bloemenbureau Holland

Your opportunities when participating in the product competitions

Participating in the Floriade Product Competitions offers many advantages and opportunities. Winning one of the awards is a marketing asset, which you can use in both product sales and company profiling. One participating Japanese grower even commented that Floriade Expo 2022 in the Netherlands is comparable to the Olympics. Participation offers growers the chance to show their best products to a wide audience: an opportunity to put floricultural products in the spotlight for two million visitors!

Your novelty in the novelty presentation spotlight?

Participation in the novelty presentation offers a lot of exposure and opportunities. It is an accessible way to show your new product in the Innovation Greenhouse to companies, trade visitors and consumers. It offers the opportunity to ask visitors for feedback on the novelty and to engage in a dialogue with them.

Sign up and take part in the product competitions!

In order to promote the horticultural industry, your product should, of course, be a part of the product competitions!

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