Residential tower Flores reaches highest point

The development combination Amvest – Dura Vermeer, Floriade Expo 2022 and the municipality of Almere celebrated reaching the highest point of the residential tower Flores today. Flores is an eyecatcher at Floriade and it will have various commercial functions during the Expo next year. After the Expo, the tower will be converted into a residential tower. The tower will have a special facade artwork that artistically translates the Floriade arboretum.




Joint Milestone

The sustainable, high-quality residential tower, designed by Klunder Architects, is 43.5 meters high and it has 14 floors. After the Floriade Expo, Flores will consist of 80 rental apartments, 60 of them in the middle segment, and a commercial space on the ground floor. The Amvest Residential Core Fund will own this residential building. It’s expected that Flores will be finished at the end of 2021, well in time for the international horticultural exhibition that will take place in Almere between April and October 2022

“I am happy that today we can celebrate another milestone together: reaching the highest point of the tower Flores. The artwork on the facade will soon represent the arboretum: the living tree library that makes the Floriade Expo 2022 and the new Hortus district so special. When constructing a new district, the area is normally first stripped completely. Here we did it differently with the focus on using and utilizing the existing quality of the area, the flora and fauna that is already present, as much as possible. Subsequently, no fewer than 1,000 different tree species were added. And all this before the neighborhood is built. Here we gain experience with this new and special way of area development. We can use that experience in the development of other new areas and in the redevelopment of existing neighbourhoods,” says Alderman Hoek.

left to right: Peter Krop (Director of Construction & Real Estate Division, Dura Vermeer), Hans Bakker (Director of Floriade Expo 2022), Heleen Aarts (CEO, Amvest) and Jan Hoek (Alderman Municipality of Almere)
Important role during Floriade

Flores is located in the heart of the Floriade site on Floraplein. The tower will be used by national and international participants during Floriade Expo 2022. For example, the top floor will have a lounge and the commercial space on the ground floor will accommodate daytime catering and retail and the apartments will be used for accommodation and meeting rooms for (international) participants Floriade.

Vertical view of arboretum

The facade artwork, which displays the planting plan with the tree, plant and flower collection of the arboretum in a lively and colorful panorama, makes the residential tower an icon for Almere that will also be preserved after Floriade. This unique facade artwork is a creation of MVRDV, Arttenders and the Flemish artist Alex Verhaest.

Hortus residential area

The residential tower will be located in the new green Hortus urban district of the Floriade area development in Almere. After Floriade Expo 2022, Flores is the first residential building in this attractive district. Hortus will be rich in trees, plants and flowers from the very beginning by making use of the arboretum that surrounds the lots. This gives the district an overwhelming green character.