20 October 2020

Sharon de Miranda inspiring chef for Food Forum

Dutch celebrity chef Sharon de Miranda, who made her name with, among others, the television programme BinnensteBuiten, will be the chef at Food Forum, the Provincial Government of Flevoland’s pavilion at Floriade Expo 2022. She will start work on 1 November.

Menu for the future: sustainable, local and seasonal

Food Forum is expected to open in early 2021. It will become the meeting place for everyone involved in food innovation. Naturally, this will involve tasting healthy, sustainable food. Sharon de Miranda will lead the food & beverage service at the Food Forum pavilion. She will oversee a hospitable reception, the menu and the preparation of dishes.

“For Food Forum I’d prefer to source great, sustainable products inside a 30 km radius. The menu will be seasonal. As someone born and raised in Flevoland my cooking style is multicultural, just like I am. I want to show that healthy food can taste great and be exciting by combining Dutch, Surinamese, Indonesian and Caribbean cuisines,” explains Sharon de Miranda.

“I am happy Sharon will be joining us,” adds Member of the Provincial Executive Jan-Nico Appelman. “A chef who will inspire all our visitors with tasty, surprising menus. This will be the place to be to enjoy the best of Flevoland!”

Flevoland’s Stage

Food Forum will be a hive of activity with a wide range of programming. It will showcase Flevoland as an innovative food producer. We will reveal our ambitions for contributing to the current food transition in a surprising way: more short chains, more sustainable and plant based with honest [prices for producers. Food Forum will constitute the beating heart of the Flevo Campus. Students, lecturers, business people, start-ups, scientists and influencers are more than welcome to enter into conversation concerning food whilst enjoying a nice cup of coffee or having lunch.