Tree nurseries’ involvement in Floriade keeps increasing

Enthusiasm about Floriade from tree nurseries around the Netherlands is clear from all the entries received today. Almost 10,000 shrubs were supplied by nurseries from the provinces of Zuid-Holland, Brabant and Limburg on Friday morning including Cupressocyparis leylandii, Ilex aquifolium and the pea shrub Caragana arborescens.

Boomkwekerij Denissen from Zundert and Felix en Dykhuis in Boskoop acted as the drop-off points for other nurseries in their area to deliver their plants to. In this way the sector supports Floriade helping to organise efficient transport.

Planting at Floriade will continue over the coming weeks. Alongside shrubs, we will also be planting perennials. The horticulture sector is Floriade Expo 2022’s active partner and the organisation is therefore really pleased with these submissions.