Unveiling the name and exceptional facade design of Floriade’s tower block

Today, Floriade Expo 2022, the municipality of Almere and the developers Amvest – Dura Vermeer, will unveil the name of and the design for the tower block on the Floriade site. The former will be called ‘Flores’ and will feature an exceptional piece of facade art that artistically translates the planting plan for Floriade Expo 2022. The artwork was designed by MVRDV, Arttenders and artist Alex Verhaest. The eyecatcher will be home to a variety of commercial functions during Floriade Expo 2022 and will subsequently be converted into a tower block with 80 apartments.

The tower that was designed by Klunder Architecten, reflects the collection of trees, plants and flowers at the international horticulture exhibition to be held from April to October 2022 in Almere. 1,800 plants and trees were incorporated into the composition whereby the planting plan for the arboretum constitutes the basis for this ‘vertical summary’. The following system applies: the smaller the depiction of the plant, the further away the real thing is from the centre of the arboretum.

Flores tower block

Flores is situated on the Floriade site’s central square. It will be used by national and international participants during the Expo and will, after 2022, become part of the green urban district Hortus. For instance, during the Expo, the penthouse will serve as a restaurant and vantage point. The commercial space on the ground floor will house daytime food & beverage outlets, retail, a First Aid post and the apartments will be used as accommodation and meeting rooms for Floriade’s (international) participants.

The sustainably built, high-quality tower block will be 43.5 metres tall and after Floriade it will house 80 rental apartments (of which 60 for middle incomes) as well as providing commercial space on the ground floor. The Amvest Residential Core Fund will own the tower block that will be connected to the innovative energy system (Smart Thermal Grid) for its heat and cooling.

See: www.hortus.nl/flores for more information.


The tower block will be the canvas for the exceptional facade art created by MVRDV, Arttenders and the
Flemish artist Alex Verhaest. Hundreds of images from databanks and university libraries were used to this end. The arboretum — organised alphabetically by plant and tree name across the site: from Acer in the north–west (Utopia) to Zizyphus in the south east (De Steiger) — was artistically translated to the facade.

The facade art that depicts the arboretum as a lively, colourful panorama, will make the tower block iconic for Almere. The images will be printed onto the facade’s glass using a special technique. The panoramic work with the facade as its canvas will be preserved as an eyecatcher after the Expo. More information on the facade art can be found on the interactive website www.sympoiesis.nl.

Hortus urban district

The tower block will arise in the new, green urban district Hortus as part of Floriade’s area development in Almere and after Floriade Expo 2022 it will be the first habitable building in the appealing, sustainable district rich in trees, plants and flowers. Hortus will utilise the arboretum that borders the plots and this will lend the district its supremely green appearance.

The façade artwork reflects the entire collection of trees, plants and flowers at Floriade Expo 2022. Image: © MVRDV x Arttenders x Alex Verhaest