28 October 2020

Verdaasdonk bids farewell to Floriade Expo 2022

Peter Verdaasdonk has stepped down as the director of Floriade Expo 2022. From 2019 onwards, Peter Verdaasdonk, Pieter Cloo and the Floriade team developed the Expo concept and the structure of the organisation. This year he returned to work as the Expo director after some time off due to illness. Unfortunately, he was unable to fully recommence his tasks. Verdaasdonk was particularly disappointed about having to step down now. The Advisory Board and the shareholder regret, yet respect his decision.

The Advisory Board will collaborate with the municipality of Almere, the international horticulture exhibition’s shareholder, on the further substantiation of directorial tasks. Director Pieter Cloo will continue to lead the initiative alongside the management team. This safeguards the project’s continuity allowing the organisation to confidently work to make the projects currently underway a reality.