Vibrant Verge brings colour to cities and Floriade

How do you keep cities attractive and livable? By choosing sustainable green with a rich biodiversity. Floriade Expo 2022 presents solutions to make cities greener, healthier and more fun. One of these is JUB Holland’s ‘Vibrant Verge’. Within this contemporary concept, the flower bulb company combines the strengths of annual, biennial and perennial native seed mixtures with a bespoke bulb mixture. The selected bulbs and plants come back for several years and contribute to a robust ecosystem.

Robbert Uittenbogaard, Landscape director at JUB Holland: “We are a major driver in the greening of cities. Our ‘Vibrant Verge’ brings colour to the city, enhances the seasonal experience and increases biodiversity. JUB Holland provides tailor-made solutions for every location: from planting to the maintenance of the verge.”

No mowing in May

The ‘Vibrant Verge’ fits in seamlessly with the demand for less mowing in public space. Uittenbogaard: “By combining the flowering time of the plants and the bulbs, we create no less than eight months of flowering. This means that colour can be achieved in the roadside from early spring to early autumn. Not a manicured lawn, but playful planting. Because it only needs to be mowed once a year, maintenance costs are low and there is a continuous supply of food and shelter for butterflies, bees and other insects.”

Art and insect hotels

JUB Holland presents the ‘Vibrant Verge’ on the Floriade site with ‘hexagons’ by artist Juul Rameau, equipped with insect hotels. In addition, the verge is equipped with  maps and information panels about the bulbs and plants mixtures.

In addition, during Floriade a lot of attention will be paid to insect forests, the importance of bees and butterflies and guide species. The arboretum forms the green structure of the world horticultural exhibition and of the city district that will subsequently arise on the site. This living plant and tree library, with trees and plants planted from A to Z, with a great deal of variety and great biodiversity, contributes to a healthy, green city and offers bees a good place where they can find food and shelter all year round.

The more than 3 km long ribbon of bee and butterfly plants has also been planted, and the agroforestry plot and food forest on Utopia Island, the green facades, the flower and plant gardens and the Oerbos (ancient forest) contribute to an optimal living environment for bees. On the central square of Floriade stands Beehold, an iconic artwork by Florentijn Hofman, which consists of 10,000 Corten steel bees and is about the relationship between bees and people, about connection and our complex relationship with nature.