At Floriade you can discover large and small works of art in various places. Art to learn to experience nature, and certainly nature in and around the Green City, emotionally. Nature and technology come together in the Art Forest. And with the artworks of Florentijn Hofman and Farida Sedoc, Almere has two new art icons. Allow the art of Floriade to surprise and amaze you.

Florentijn Hofman - Beehold

Admire the two giant figures covered with 10,000 bees made of Corten steel at the Floriade Park. Bees are important for a good balance between man and nature and therefore they play the leading role in this work of art.

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Farida Sedoc - We Will Find a Way

Hortus Avenue will be transformed by artist Farida Sedoc into a 700-metre-long work of art, which will be dedicated to our society for a young generation, inspired by conversations with young people in Almere.

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Abner Preis

Abner Preis - The Lost Flowers Almanac

This augmented reality artwork explores natural life, both lost and saved: from flowers that died out long ago to the return of grey wolves to the Netherlands.

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David Gauthier - NATURESPEAK

This algorithmic artwork presents nature as an object of contemplation and conversation by creating an encounter between lyrical poetry and machine language.

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Bouke Groen - Passage

In the middle of the primeval forest, the natural environment is completely separated by this work of art. With the canopy as the only connection to nature, you can hear an algorithmically generated humming.

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Felipe van Laar - Nomadic Folly

'Nomadic Folly' laat de schoonheid zien van nutteloos bouwen, een oude Engelse traditie van architectonisch experiment om mee te pronken.

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Audrey Large - Attuning Nows

Enjoy the interplay between digital and physical reality with this 3D sculpture that was created by computer and then placed in a natural environment.

Studio Pointer - Tranquility Machine

Tranquility Machine is a spatial sonic instrument that mediates between natural forces and human senses.

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Will Beckers - Nature art

Nature artist Will Beckers, better known to Floriade enthusiasts as The Willowman, has developed a series of new works for the Utopia Peninsula that convey a valuable message about our role in the future green city.

KCCM - Utopia tower, Weerwater and Rabat

This work of art consists of three radio plays in which the history of the Floriade grounds is told from the perspective of the materials from which it is constructed; sand, sea clay, wood and concrete.

MVRDV x Arttenders x Alex Verhaest - Flores

The tower reflects Floriade's collection of trees, plants and flowers. The composition incorporates 1,800 plants and trees, with the arboretum's planting plan forming the basis for this 'vertical summary'.


MVRDV x Arttenders x Alex Verhaest - Meet Oddie

At Floriade, a botanical world, technology, the Flores tower with Sympoiesis artwork on its façade, and MVRDV's master plan for Floriade come together. In this Augmented Reality world, you can discover how.

Mothership - Ponton Boulevard

The pontoon boulevard gives the unique opportunity to walk on the Weerwater from the Esplanade in Almere on April 28. The boulevard ends in a square where the water sculpture 'Nieuw Flevo Peil' will be installed.

2turvenhoog - The gallant forest

Five artists challenge you to experience how we are part of the invisible, natural network. How do we experience nature? Are we separate from it, above it or are we part of it?

Suburbia in de buurt - Roots

At Roots, get to know the story of people from Almere, all with different backgrounds, or in other words, the world in miniature. For who was it easy to root and who has not yet found a permanent place?

Urban Greeners - FILTER

Urban Greeners stands for greening cities. Greener in architecture, fashion, art, food and drink, five filters. With FILTER they are searching for the most striking, funniest and most amusing stories in these categories at Floriade.

insecten dorp

Bastiaan Meijer - Village for insects

Architecture for the smallest inhabitants of Floriade: these insect houses are miniature copies of special buildings in Almere. The houses are made of red baking clay and are winter hard.


Art that you can get lost in, that reacts to you and that you can even touch? Yes, in M. it is all possible. In the exhibition NaturAlly; Wild Futures, five (inter)national artists take you on a journey into their future of nature.

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Nature Loves Technology

What can happen when nature and technology fall in love? In the bio-based pavilion the Dutch Innovation Experience you will discover innovations by more than 24 artists who explore this relationship.

Upcyclecentrum x 3 - Cycle

When you walk into the Floriade Park, you will find colourful letters that cannot be missed. These have been made together with the inhabitants of Almere: they are made of recycled materials from Almere, including household waste.


The Luxembourg pavilion is an architectural interpretation of a leaf, inviting dialogue on the former Luxembourg steel industry and the development of a green city.

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Czech Republic

Find a quiet place at UNIVERSE, a monumental statue designed by Václav Fiala.

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Floriade is open daily until 9 October from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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