29 July: National Day of Germany

Every country that is present at Floriade with a pavilion organises a National Day during Floriade. For Germany, that day took place on 29 July. However, the German festivities start earlier on 25 July and end on 31 July. Will you be partying along during the German week?

German Week

From 25 to 31 July, the German Pavilion offers fun festivities such as a screening of short films from the University of Film and Television in Munich, panel discussions, DJ performances, lectures and workshops on climate and theatre.


Visit the German Pavilion: Biotopia – Growing Community

In the German Garden, you will discover vivid examples of modern resource-saving horticulture. You will also get a look at possibilities for the green cities of the future. Come and take a look during the week dedicated to Germany at Floriade.

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