Cable Car

Step aboard the 850-metre-long cable car and let yourself be taken over the Floriade Park. On the way, you will enjoy a wonderful view from a height of 35 metres. Experience the sustainable way of transport of the future!

Cable car prices

  • Adults
    € 3.50
  • Child 4 till 12 years
    € 2.50
  • Child up to 3 years

  • A single ride on the cable car is included in your entrance ticket. Would you like to take another ride on the cable car? Tickets for the cable car are available at the park.

Green mobility

This sustainable means of transport has a low electrical energy consumption and, with only 2 stations and 7 masts, takes up minimal space. Also, the cable car will be repurposed at a different location after Floriade.

Gliding above Floriade

A ride on the cable car takes about 4 minutes, during which you will glide over the highway and the Floriade Park of 60 hectares. So there is plenty to see on the way!

Ride included with ticket

A single ride on the cable car is included with your entrance ticket. Do you have a Floriade Pass? During each visit one ride is included, enabling you to see the beautiful greenery changing with the seasons from above.

Practical information
  • The cable car route runs diagonally across the Floriade grounds, both cable car stations can be reached on foot. There is a bridge over the A6, which allows you to walk back to the area of the park located north of the highway.
  • The cable car is accessible to everyone, including mobility scooters and wheelchairs. Both boarding stations are at ground level and can be reached via footpaths.
  • A single ride on the cable car takes about 4 minutes.
  • A single ride on the cable car is included in your entrance ticket. With the Floriade Pass, a ride is included during every visit.
  • The cable car remains open during rain. As soon as there is a thunderstorm within a radius of 5 km, the cable car will be closed. When the weather conditions improve, the cable car will reopen.
  • Please note: The cable car is located at the Floriade Park. To gain access to the Floriade Park you will need an entrance ticket or Floriade Pass.

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