At the Expo you can visit over 40 pavilions where countries show their culture, plants, flowers and local innovations. Have a look and get inspired by all the participating countries.

France Pavilion

The approach of France is to bring various know-how, prototypes of demountable buildings and experimental urban furniture together to create a synergy which symbolizes the city of tomorrow.

Germany Pavilion

Germany intend to demonstrate that bringing nature and nature-related technologies together can play a major role in increasing the quality of life.


India Pavilion

India strives for a more joyful life and will show the experience of how India copes with climate adaption in many ways. The spiritual garden will be the place where one can feel the sense of belonging with nature.

Qatar Pavilion

The Desert Nest exhibition is inspired by nature and life in the desert, offering a forward-thinking vision for sustainable ways to live in harmony with the environment.

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