At the Expo you can visit country pavilions who show their culture, plants, flowers and local innovations. Have a look and get inspired by all the participating countries.


Have a look at all the beauty that Bangladesh has to offer in terms of nature and its products, with the shapla (national flower) as the inspiration for the pavilion's shape.


In this ecological Belgian garden, you can taste edible flowers, discover green innovations and enjoy a wonderful selection of flowers, plants and trees.


Discover this beautiful garden with the theme 'A Growing Chinese Bamboo Garden', which combines traditional Chinese landscape architecture and the latest horticultural developments.



Cyprus shows how a barren urban area can be transformed into a park that gives life to the city with the help of native plants.

Czech Republic

Find a quiet place at UNIVERSE, a monumental statue designed by Václav Fiala.

Frankrijk - Back To The Future (1)


Knowledge and modern innovations go hand in hand in the French pavilion. Come and experience the city of tomorrow.


The German pavilion is a good example of how modern horticulture can bring the city and nature together. The garden is symbolic of continuously growing and changing cities.


Sino-Europe Horticulture Association (SEHA)

The SEHA takes you through a beautiful rhododendron garden, filled with color.


India invites you on the spiritual journey of this garden. Connecting with nature is the central theme here. Experience for yourself how nature brings you well-being and discover how India deals with climate change.


Thailand exhibits a Thai garden full of water lilies, curcuma, ornamental plants and a vegetable and herb garden in combination with a beautiful playground for children.


Enjoy a contemporary and sustainable Mediterranean garden, full of scent, colour and taste. Flowers alternate with edible plants that can be used in traditional Italian dishes.


Discover Japan and its remarkable floral beauty, culture, art and technologies.



Can you create a fertile climate where water is scarce? Find out how this can be done here, with herbaceous plants such as lavender.


The Luxembourg pavilion is an architectural interpretation of a leaf, inviting you to reflect on the former Luxembourg steel industry and its transition to the development of a green city.



Discover the future of house building, with sustainability and circularity as the key elements. The design of this pavilion makes it possible to build homes quickly and sustainably.



The Desert Nest exhibition is inspired by nature and life in the desert, offering a forward-thinking vision for sustainable ways to live in harmony with the environment.


United Arab Emirates

As the world's population grows, so does urbanisation in areas of high heat and drought. UAE draws inspiration from the plants that still thrive under extreme conditions.


World Village

In the World Village, various countries like Chad, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Ghana proudly share their culture and their vision of the Floriade theme 'Growing Green Cities'.



The Nature Friendly Pavilion draws attention to the new shape that the cities must take, along with the growing interest of the inhabitants for nature.


Let yourself be taken along to Suriname's green highlights, sustainable tourism and horticulture.


Be taken on a virtual journey as Switzerland shares its views on the Floriade theme 'Growing Green Cities'.

The Green House

The unique greenhouse complex – The Green House – is the place where Dutch greenhouse horticulture presents itself, including a few countries. Discover innovative and sustainable exhibits of circular greenhouse horticulture in this unique greenhouse complex. The hypermodern greenhouse is 1 hectare in size and 170 metres long.


Floriade is open daily until 9 October from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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