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A Growing Chinese Bamboo Garden


Discover this beautiful garden with the theme “A Growing Chinese Bamboo Garden”, where traditional Chinese landscape architecture and the latest horticultural developments are cleverly combined.

National Day China: September 29

Each country present at Floriade with a pavilion will organise a National Day during Floriade. On these days, the host countries host a special cultural programme on the main stage and the countries display the best of their home country: music, dance or theatre. On Thursday 29 September, China will celebrate its National Day. Wll you join us?

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‘A growing Chinese bamboo garden’

This is the theme of China’s Pavilion, which is pursuing the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and the collective sustainable development and prosperity of mankind. The design of the China‚Äôs Pavilion inherits the classical design strategies of traditional Chinese gardens and integrates the long-standing Chinese culture of flower and bamboo. It will also present the latest development and achievements of China’s modern flower gardening and the bamboo industry.

Bamboo forest

Walk through the bamboo gate and discover an amazing bamboo forest. With an area of 4,200 square metres, this is the largest international garden at Floriade.

Garden of flowers

Enjoy a beautiful flower garden that includes, peony, hibiscus and chrysanthemum, describing the story of a Chinese fairy tale.

Chinese art & culture

Experience Chinese culture at a national day or admire an exhibition of bamboo products, calligraphy and fine art.

Theme: A growing Chinese bamboo garden


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