Cyprus is the only remaining country in Europe that is divided into two parts and separated by a buffer zone. Even the capital Nicosia is divided into two parts, with a border crossing between them. The buffer zone is known as the Green Line. Contrary to what the name suggests, this is mainly a dead, lifeless zone that runs through the country. At Floriade, Cyprus shows that it can be done differently. Here, the Green Line is truly a green zone, filled with indigenous plants. Like an elongated park that expands into the fabric of the city and gives life back to it.

Floriade Expo 2022 is officially closed

Floriade Expo 2022 was open from 14 April to 9 October. The Expo has since closed; the Floriade site is now being further developed into the new green city district Hortus.

Nicosia as an inspiration

If you take a closer look, you will see that the heart of the garden is a stone circle with a green line of plants running through it. This design is based on the original circular shape of the city of Nicosia and the presence of the ‘green line’ that divides the city into two parts. The design of the pavement of this circular area is reminiscent of the urban fabric of the city without the presence of greenery.

Small but powerful

The Cypriot garden blends in with the surrounding nature and bears witness to a small country with a powerful message of reconstruction through greenery.

From fire to furniture

The wooden bench is made from what remains of the burnt trees affected by the forest fires in Cyprus.

Cypriot opportunities

Cyprus is taking part in Floriade for the first time and invites you to learn about Cypriot opportunities for green cities of the future under the heading 'Green Line - environmentally friendly city living'.

11 July: National Day Cyprus

Every country that is present at Floriade with a pavilion organises a National Day during Floriade. On these days, the host countries provide a special cultural programme on the main stage and show the best of their home countries: music, dance or theatre.

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The green line. An eco-friendly life in the city


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