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Did you know that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee? At The Green House, Ethiopia is happy to invite you for a cup of coffee. An invitation to drink this beloved beverage symbolises friendship, respect and hospitality. Coffee is therefore an important part of Ethiopia’s culture. Come and get a taste of it over an authentic cup of coffee!

Floriade Expo 2022 is officially closed

Floriade Expo 2022 was open from 14 April to 9 October. The Expo has since closed; the Floriade site is now being further developed into the new green city district Hortus.

11 September: National Day Ethiopia

The countries that are present at Floriade with a pavilion organised a National Day during Floriade. On these days, the host countries provided a special cultural programme and showed the best of their home countries: music, dance or theatre. With Ethiopian cultural music, dance, food and a colourful coffee ceremony, there was a varied programme to experience Ethiopian culture.

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