Indonesia Pavilion

Indonesia invites you on a journey through the traditional and modern Indonesian way of life that reflects the local wisdom of living dynamically with nature. The theme “The Wonderful Archipelago” represents the country’s enormous diversity in nature and culture of the more than 17,000 islands.


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Rising sea level

The theme of the entry shows Indonesia’s commitment to protecting the archipelago from this by living in a sustainable way. The Indonesian way of life on the world’s largest archipelago comes with its challenges. The threat of rising sea levels is an urgent problem for the many islands that make up Indonesia.

Explore a traditional Indonesian dwelling constructed of sustainable materials, a greenhouse with typical Indonesian plants and trees and a playing field with traditional games to have an enjoyable experience in an Indonesian way.

Discover Indonesia

Indonesia hopes to build more awareness of the importance of caring and togetherness in protecting the environment for our lives in the future.

Cultural Discovery

Indonesia will bring visitors cultural dances to convey messages of peace, togetherness and happiness during Floriade.

Rising sea level

The central theme of the entry expresses the residents' ambition to protect their landscape from the threatened rise of sea levels that the country is facing.

'The Wonderful Archipelago'

Pavilion of Indonesia Landscape design by Lagom Landscape Design.
Architecture and Video Artist Impression by OPTRA.


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