Japan Pavilion

Satoyama Farm Garden


Be inspired by a Japanese ecological lifestyle at the Japanese pavilion, where you can discover traditional landscape techniques and enjoy beautiful flower exhibitions.


The Japan pavilion is inspired by the traditional ecological lifestyle in which garden, farmland and forest are closely connected. The theme ‘Satoyama’ refers to an area that consists of farmland, irrigation ponds, forests and grasslands surrounding cities and towns. The landscapes of Satoyama have been shaped by various human interventions over the course of a long history. The inhabitants are very conscious of natural resources, which has created a rich culture of life in which people live in harmony with the environment.

Japanese greenery

Enjoy beautiful flowers in the Japanese gardens and discover exhibitions of ikebana, bonsai trees and flower arrangements.

Ecological lifestyle

Discover a traditional ecological lifestyle and a traditional Japanese agricultural garden.

Importance of green spaces

Learn about the importance of preserving green spaces such as gardens, farmland and forests, as well as the sustainable conservation of biological resources.

National Day Japan: 7 September

Every country that is present at Floriade with a pavilion organises a National Day during Floriade. On these days, the host countries provide a special cultural programme on the main stage and show the best of their home countries: music, dance or theatre. On Wednesday 7 September, the National Day of Japan took place.

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This is the "Satoyama Farm Garden”


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