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Phyllōm, an architectural interpretation of a leaf, is a strong symbol for the natural and man-made heritage of Luxembourg. Designed by Schürmann + Witry Architekten, this installation provokes the dialogue about the former Luxembourgish steel industry and the future development of a green and sustainable city.

Floriade Expo 2022 is officially closed

Floriade Expo 2022 was open from 14 April to 9 October. The Expo has since closed; the Floriade site is now being further developed into the new green city district Hortus.

LUGA – Luxembourg Urban Garden 2025

Luxembourg is organizing its own horticultural exhibition from May to October 2025: LUGA 2025. At the Luxembourg pavilion, you will already get a taste of the Luxembourg Urban Garden. Here you can discover a work of art, meters high, symbolizing a representation of a gigantic leaf.

Dialogue with nature

The «Phyllōm» invites the visitor to reflect on the tension between nature and its built environment.

LUGA: The exhibition 2025

The Luxembourg Urban Garden will highlight the place of nature within an urban space, and it will question the relationship between human beings and their environment.

Source of inspiration

The already existing, rich interplay of natural and cultural spaces in the European capital Luxembourg City will be highlighted in the context of LUGA – Luxembourg Urban Garden.

LUGA: The place to be in Luxembourg in 2025


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