United Arab Emirates pavilion

Discover the unique pavilion of the United Arab Emirates (UAE): ‘Salt Water Cities, where land meets the sea’. This pavilion showcases an innovative approach to sustainability in the country’s arid, desert environment, where water scarcity, scorching heat and salty soil create all kinds of challenges.


✔ Architecture      

Drawing inspiration from nature

The UAE is a laboratory for the future: a place where salt-tolerant plants thrive between an arid desert and the world’s hottest sea. That harsh environment creates not only challenges but also opportunities to see solutions to some of humanity’s biggest challenges, from food security to climate change. This inspired their approach to finding answers in nature – what can we learn from the plants that thrive in such extreme conditions? How can they point us towards a better future?

Salt Water Garden

Walk past saltwater pools with mangrove shoots, see glass sculptures that celebrate the remarkable salt-loving plants and discover the beauty of microalgae through the lens of a microscope.

United Arab

Under the sea

The 1,300-km-long coastline of the UAE is full of life. Using motion capture technologies, you enter a virtual undersea seagrass meadow - with the only flowers that have ever grown on the bottom of the ocean.

Remarkable plants

In the garden surrounded by 3D printed walls, you will find plants that thrive in salt water: salicornia, mangroves, microalgae and sea grass. Discover the unique beauty of these plants.


“Salt Water Cities, where land meets the sea.”