Dutch horticulture

Dutch horticulture will present innovations and solutions for sustainable, liveable cities. Visitors will experience horticulture and have their senses stimulated by a huge variety of products and participants.

Classics and Futures

Get inspired and have a look at the floral art entry: Classiscs & Future, learn more about what a beautiful, modern combination of plantation looks like.

Cultuurgroep Rozen

A presentation of the many possibilities and added value on how to plant roses in the city of future, both in public spaces and in gardens.


Stimulating the consumption of crickets and other insects as a new protein source.


Encouraging the consumption and production of the healthy Flevolands food product with a positive impact on our climate.

Fruithal Smits

A fruit garden with various types of fruit trees from apples to strawberries. In this garden you can see the process from plant to fruit.

The Green House

The Dutch horticultural sector is a real pioneer with innovations that set an example for the rest of the world.



The arboretum will constitute the expo’s green structure as well as that of the future urban district Hortus. It will be an alphabetically organised tree and plant encyclopaedia that you can walk through. One of the things that makes this arboretum extra unique is that all the trees and plants contribute to a healthy, green city.



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