Dutch horticulture

The participants from the Dutch horticultural industry cannot wait to welcome you. They will stimulate your senses with a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers and plants. Here you will discover Dutch innovations and solutions for sustainable, liveable cities. Eager to see what you can expect?


Discover the arboretum, an alphabetically arranged library of trees and plants that you can wander through. All the trees, plants and flowers presented here contribute to a green and healthy city.

Boot & Dart Group and Partners

How can we make cities greener and healthier with plants? Find out at this pavilion, where the growers of Boot & Dart Group and Partners will show you beautiful trees, plants and flowers, and be inspired.

Culture group Fruit crops

Do you want to experience up close how fruit crops bloom, grow and bear healthy fruit full of vitamins? Come and see it at the Expo and be amazed!

Culture group Roses

Stroll through a beautiful garden and immerse yourself in the delightful fragrances and beautiful colours of one of the most popular flowers: the rose.

Waterworld Tree Experience

Find adventure in the interactive landscape of the Waterworld Tree Experience pavilion, which focuses on the power and beauty of nature. This playful and watery landscape brings out the adventurer in everyone!


For delicious and nutritious food, you don't have to look far in the province of Flevoland. Flevofood shows what Flevoland has to offer in terms of food.

from boskoop brug

From Boskoop

The Boskoop region has been a place where trees and shrubs have been cultivated for centuries. In this garden at Floriade, you will walk through the typical landscape of the Boskoop tree-growing area.

Fruithal Smits

A fruit garden full of delicious fruit, from apples to strawberries. In this garden, you can see the process from plant to fruit.

Groen Collectief

Groen Collectief Nederland

Experience what greenery can do in an urban environment! Here you will discover practical solutions and see what is possible,


Looking for inspiration for your own (city) garden? Take a look at this 'planting meadow', where you will discover how you can create a longlasting garden full of biodiversity.

Lips Groen

Experience and enjoy the special sensory garden of Lips Green with all your senses.

The Green House

Walk through the enormous greenhouse and take a journey through horticulture: from seed, to tomato and from cutting, to plant, to a delicious meal on your plate.



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