Dutch horticulture

Floriade Expo 2022 officially closed on Oct. 9. The participants from the Dutch horticultural industry stimulated visitor’s senses with a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers and plants.


The arboretum is an alphabetically arranged library of trees and plants that you can wander through. All the trees, plants and flowers presented here contribute to a green and healthy city.


Boot & Dart Group and Partners

How can we make cities greener and healthier with plants? The growers of Boot & Dart Group and Partners have shown beautiful trees, plants and flowers.


Classics & Future Moments

The eight colorful gardens of Classics & Future Moments formed the flower art project Classics & Future Moments.


Cultuurgroep Fruitgewassen

At this pavilion, you experienced up close how fruit crops bloom, grow and bear healthy fruit full of vitamins.


Cultuurgroep Rozen

In this garden, visitors immersed themselves in the delightful fragrances and beautiful colors of one of the most popular flowers: the rose.


Boomkwekerij Ebben & VIC Landscapes

The interactive, playful and watery landscape of the Waterworld Tree Experience pavilion brought out the adventurer in everyone. Here, the power and beauty of nature took center stage.



For delicious and nutritious food, you don't have to look far in the province of Flevoland. Flevofood showed what Flevoland has to offer in terms of food.


From Boskoop

Trees and shrubs have been grown in Boskoop for centuries. In this Floriade garden, visitors walked through the typical landscape of the Boskoop tree-growing area.


Fruithal Smits

A fruit garden full of delicious fruit, from apples to strawberries. In this garden you saw the process from plant to fruit.


Groen Collectief Nederland

Here you discovered practical solutions and saw what greenery can do in an urban environment!


Het Groene Stad verhaal

How do we keep cities fun, livable and healthy with the help of greenery? Together with the Floriade, The Green City Foundation answered this question by showing the added value of green at numerous locations in the Expo.

Lageschaar Vaste Planten

In this 'plant meadow' you discovered how to create a sustainable (city) garden full of biodiversity.


Lips Groen

This particular Sensory Garden by Lips Green was designed to naturally stimulate you and put your senses to work.


LTO Cultuurgroep laan-, bos- en parkbomen

The entry of this culture group consisted of the trees made available for the Arboretum.

LTO cultuurgroep Zomerbloemen

In this beautiful picking garden, laid out in the shape of two large flowers, you enjoyed all the scents and colors.

The Green House

In the huge greenhouse you took a journey through horticulture: from seed, to tomato and from cutting, to plant, to a delicious meal on your plate.


Treeport Zundert

The Zundert region is the birthplace of the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh as well as of many trees. Here you saw the creative ideas of tree growers for sustainable housing in Treeport Zundert.

Tiny houses nationaal deelnmers

Tiny Houses

How much space do you really need to live nicely? Here you could discover how to live a simpler life in a Tiny House. A life that is both good for you and for the planet.

Tuinbranche Nederland

Tuinbranche Nederland inspired visitors about creating a green, healthy and sustainable living environment for people and animals in and around the home.


Van den Berk Boomkwekerijen

At Van den Berk Boomkwekerijen you saw an interesting assortment of trees suitable for the urban environment and learned more about the relationship between trees and climate.


World Food Pavilion

Visitors of all ages, consumers and professionals were surprised with new insights and surprising experiences.