Boomkwekerij Ebben & VIC Landscapes

  • Greening the City

Find adventure in the interactive landscape of this pavilion, which focuses on the power and beauty of nature. This playful and watery landscape brings out the adventurer in everyone, from young to old.

Embracing water

In the Netherlands, it is almost impossible to avoid water. Even for those who live away from the coast, water is always nearby in the form of rivers and ditches. Climate change is creating new challenges as sea levels rise and it is changing our landscapes, coastlines and rivers. As well as preventing problems, there are also opportunities to embrace change. At this garden by Ebben & VIC, you will discover how water can be an interesting and playful part of our living environment.

Living bridge

That a bridge does not always have to consist of 'dead' materials can be seen here: discover the first bridge in the Netherlands made entirely of living trees.

Playing or relaxing?

Enjoy the swing trees, walking paths or climbing trees, or just relax on the lounge hill.

Sustainable materials

All materials are completely natural, recycled or recyclable.

Waterworld Tree Experience


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