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How can we make cities greener and healthier by using plants? Find out at this pavilion, where the nurserymen of Boot & Dart Group and Partners will show you beautiful trees, plants and flowers. Let yourself feel inspired!


 ✔ Garden     ✔ Greening The City

A green city

A city cannot simply be made green if there is no space for it, either underground or above-ground. In this pavilion, you can see how city and greenery can go together. Above ground you see and smell various flowers and plants and below ground you find various minerals and water, the food for plants. In the city, the subterranean space is used for all kinds of infrastructure, such as pipes and cables. Are you curious how this can be combined with the roots of the plants that have to grow there as well? See for yourself how it all comes together in one place.


Discover how trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs can form beautiful combinations in public spaces and (city) gardens.

Special greenery

Stroll through the gardens and take a look at all the special flowers and plants that contribute to a green and healthy city.

A sea of flowers

Come and discover the colourful sea of flowers.

Theme: Greenery in the lead as a solution for the future

This entry is a collaboration between eight companies, which together show how to create a pleasant public space  full of greenery in a crowded city.


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