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Always wanted to grow fruit on your balcony or in your kitchen garden? At this pavilion you can get ideas to make that possible. The Dutch fruit tree and fruit farming sector will show you innovative solutions for sustainable fruit growing in cities.

Dutch fruit growing at world level

The Fruit (Crops) Culture Group shows you the role that the Netherlands plays in the world in terms of high-quality fruit crop breeding. The best specimens are used for further cultivation, for cross-breeding and for growing starting materials such as seeds and pieces of plants. Modern fruit cultivation uses reliable, healthy and modern varieties of starting material from Dutch soil. Learn all about it here!


Walk through a paradise of fruit and listen to the stories during regular Saturday tours from 3 to 4 pm.

Getting started at home

Get inspired in the plant section "garden application" and grow your own fruit at home.

Experience it for yourself!

Will you also listen to the fairy tale "Snow White and the Secret of the Apple"? Then you will hear all about the adventures of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs in the tree nursery and the orchard.

Theme: The role of fruit


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