Cultuurgroep Rozen

Cultuurgroep Rozen is Dutch for Culture Group Roses


Stroll through a beautiful garden and immerse yourself in the wonderful fragrances and beautiful colours of one of the most popular flowers: the rose. The Rose Culture Group will be happy to show you why this flower deserves a place in the green city of the future.

Surround yourself with roses

While walking under arches of climbing roses, you will discover a world full of fragrance and colour. The Rose Culture Group invites you to be completely surrounded by roses. Learn more about this climate-resistant flower, find inspiration for your own garden or simply enjoy this beautiful spot.

Take a photo!

Be photographed in this photogenic rose garden or take a selfie at the beautifully decorated selfie wall.

Appealing to man and animal

Roses are not only beautiful, but also resilient: even in times of flooding and extreme weather, roses remain undeterred. The rose also has a lot to offer animals, such as pollen, shelter and delicious rose hips.


The rose can be combined perfectly with other plants and for example with fruit trees. Get inspired with the best combinations during this visit.

Roses, a jewel for you garden


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