What does the food of the future look like? At Flevofood you will discover the sustainable food chain, from seed in the ground to the food on your plate! Vegetables such as field beans, lupine, quinoa, soya, chickpeas and red beans are planted, maintained and harvested here with new sustainable and innovative techniques. Flevofood has two locations at the Floriade-park. You can find the whole story at locations 132 and 142.


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Moving forward together

Flevoland has been designed to play an important role in food production, so it is no surprise that it is rich in farmers and entrepreneurs. They all contribute in their own way to the food of today and tomorrow, so that everyone can continue to enjoy healthy and nutritious food. Flevofood is a network association created by and for Flevoland food companies, who are quite literally rooted in the Dutch polders of Flevoland. And in that polder, they are working hard on tomorrow’s food. What does it look like? That may seem like a big question, but the answer is right in front of our noses every night: more vegetables on our plates! By eating less animal and more vegetable proteins, we can make the food chain more sustainable. Go on a journey of discovery here and see what smart solutions are available.

The Protein Showcase

What is the protein transition and why is it so important? Dive into the world of plant proteins here and learn how you can make a difference for yourself and the planet.

Sowing the future

Tasty vegetables start as quality seeds. SOWING THE FUTURE focuses on innovation in seed breeding and research, technology in agriculture so that you can continue to enjoy the end product: delicious and healthy vegetables.


A robot as a farmer? It is possible! Pixelfarming is a nature-inclusive way of cultivation where the land is divided into 'pixels' with different crops, a robot takes care of the crops until they are ready to be harvested.

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